Tallinn, Eesti

9:00 AM - 17:00 PM



If you are e-resident then you can establish the company, with minimal cost and fully online, in Estonia. We will be your contact person and guide you through the establishing process. Legal address is part of the service.

Let us take care of all the back-office tasks and you can focus on your main business. We will provide to you online access for invoicing, expenses and overviews.

We offer you complete solution for accounting procedures:

  • Checking and entering source documents
  • Accounting for trade payables and customer debts
  • Expense reports of reporting entities
  • Submission of monthly declarations
  • Preparation payment orders
  • Monthly statements of financial position and income (by e-mail)
  • Possibility to use the sales module of the accounting software for sales invoices
  • Salary calculation
  • Annual report

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